Eric Heffron

Profile Updated: February 3, 2009
Eric Heffron
Residing In: Los Angeles, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: Cynthia Fox Heffron
Occupation: Migrant Film Worker
Children: "Thing 1" Sean Reilly , aged 14, My Sweet Son, My Paul McCartney if you will. State ranked Equestrian More…which is Latin for "A black hole where your money goes".

"Thing 2" Oliver Dane, aged 11, My Sour Son, My Keith Richards if you will. Terror. Nose Tackle Football playing, electric guitar strumming thug of a son. Love him too much. Just want to keep him out of jail until it's time to join the Marines!
Yes! Attending Reunion

Hope all my fellow remaining classmates are happy and healthy!
Been a wonderfully strange life for me as a Migrant Film Worker I've followed the celluloid crop through 45 states, 20 countries and 4 continents. If Disraelli was right right that "Travel breeds tolerance", I'm one of the most tolerant fellows around. Have noticed that the hair on my head is redistributing on my body to my ears, eyebrows, and nose.

Been happily married for 15 years to a fiery Irish-American Lass named Cynthia Fox-Heffron. Got 2 good boys. Life is good. Not without it's challenges, but given some of the Darwin Award winning choices I've made over the years, I'm happy to be around. Look forward to catching up.